About King I Divine

King I Divine is a name that is first, synonymous with MPC’s, secondly with sounds of head-nodding Hip Hop, samples and snares.”

Meet producer King I Divine; synonymous with the MPC1000 and accountable for over 1 million Youtube views (www.youtube.com/kingidivine). King I Divine is the mastermind behind albums; ‘Flipped: Jodeci Edition’ beat tape, the ‘Crown Jewelz 1, 2 and 3’ series, the atmospheric, themed ‘East 54th’ EP and recent ‘Divine Scienze/ Divine Scienze: Instrumentals’. Raised in Queens, NY but a current ATL resident, King I Divine has been creating music since 2008. His love for Hip Hop was conceived prior to his own production as his influences include RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the late J Dilla to name a few. With a progressive, substantial Internet and worldwide following, his credits include producing for and collaborating with well-known and underground acts such as Tito Lopez, D.Julien, Boog Brown, Artifacts, JD Era, Torae, J Live, Blu, Rasheed Hadee.

Hosted by 2 DopeBoyz, his most acclaimed installment to date, ‘Divine Scienze’ is the feel-good, hard-hitting, hailed collaborative album with Brooklyn emcee Scienze, featuring several notable artists and fan favorites.

Following the success of the album’s pioneering video ‘Enjoy Tonight’ surpassing the 40,000 view mark, ‘Hero’, the New York ode, was subsequently uploaded, which currently holds over 50,000 collective views for the official/MPC tutorial/ viral version. An endless bout of requests and suggestions later, King I Divine released the ‘Divine Scienze: Instrumentals’ on April 13th 2012, which gathered favorable blog interest and over 40,000 downloads. The experimental, ambient ‘Cloud 127’ (October 2012) was released on ITunes as a collaboration with UK Artist LD Henriquez. Praised for the original composition and overall thematic, vibe-led sound, they premiered the video to the single ‘Fly’ online, shot between the UK and Paris.

October 2013 will mark the European ‘Golden Era’ tour to crown his most recent, instrumental album; ‘The Era of a Golden Aquarius’ where he will be returning to London. Known for unique live performances accompanied by the APC40 and equipped with a sound that honors a diverse range from soulful jazz music to authentic boom-bap Hip Hop, King I Divine plans to establish his legacy in delivering timeless music for all listeners. His most notable performances include the indigenous SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil, NYC) June 2012 and a live session at the G-Shock Jewelry Store in East London, UK, November 2012 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1C19zfA7aA). King I Divine has been featured on a diverse trail of music sites including the notable www.okayplayer.com, www.djbooth.com, and www.kevinnottingham.com, plus many more.